100% made in Austria 🇦🇹
100% antibacterial
 100% biocompatible
 100% artificial diamond
 warmth retaining
 0% metal smell
 0% metal taste
 0% cold sores
 0% irritation
 0% allergic reaction

How to get Diamond Brass?

The only thing you have to do:
Send your mouthpiece to us.

We take care of the following steps of the refining process.
We will return your mouthpiece to you 3-5 weeks after the coating date.


Diamond Brass
St. Anna-Weg 13
A-6632 Ehrwald


June 3rd 2024

Send in your mouthpiece by this date, then you will be playing on diamond in the following weeks.
 All coating dates of 2024:
January 16th
February 22nd
March 26th
April 16th
May 2nd
June 3rd
July 1st

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10 reasons

to play on Diamond Brass:

1. Pleasant playing feel
2. No metallic surface
3. Taste and odor neutrality
4. Biocompatible product
5. Antibacterial property
6. No more cold sores and skin irritations
7. Great tone in all registers - aids in flexibility
8. Inert to acids and bases
9. Heat retaining property
10. A distinctive product with a unique refining

Why Diamond?

Enjoyable to play.

Playing on Diamond Brass is perceived as very pleasant. This can be confirmed by the many positive feedbacks from our customers, especially our professional musicians. The pleasant feeling results in a higher quality in the technical facets of playing, such as sound and flexibility.

physical facts

5µm artificial-diamond 
Mass and size remain constant
very good dimensional accuracy and contour fidelity
  high corrosion protection
heat retaining property
high micro hardness - approx. 3,600 HV
high corrosion protection
high chemical resistance


  Outstanding barrier effect against the secretion of allergenic ions (e.g. nickel)
No skin irritation
No cold sores
No herpes

100% antibacterial property
100% Biocompatible & Bioinert

Professional equipment

More and more professional musicians worldwide are playing on Diamant.
Join the Diamond Brass community too.

On the artist-page you will find a list of prof. musicians using Diamond Brass. I

 In response to your request they are happy to answer your questions and specifically to provide a brief reference to our product.


All 10 steps to get Diamond Brass (checklist)

1.) Take your mouthpiece (raw brass only) and wrap it in paper-towels/newspaper.
2.) Place the wrapped mouthpiece in a shipping package.
3.) Include a small piece of paper with your address for the return shipment.
4.) Make sure that the package is completely full with filling material.

5.) Send the mouthpiece to us:

Diamond Brass
St. Anna-Weg 13
A-6632 Ehrwald
AUSTRIA  |  Europe

6.) Send the package tracked with a tracking number.
7.) Send the tracking number to us for a safely package arrival.

We will let you know as soon as your mouthpiece has arrived and also tell you the week in which you will receive it again.
Your mouthpiece will be returned to you 4 weeks after the coating date. You will receive a tracking number and the invoice by email.

8.) Transfer the amount stated on the invoice.
9.) Let us know as soon as you have received your mouthpiece back.
10.) We look forward to your feedback.

 I M P O R T A N T  |  Please Note:
If you are   N O T  living in the European Union and you want to coat your mouthpieces by Diamond Brass:

Please note: 
Goods that are imported into the EU for the purpose of processing and then exported again after completion are exempted from VAT. Therefore this process needs a special declaration. When importing with an incorrectly filled out customs form, the resulting customs fees will be automatically added to your invoice. 

Just follow our special instruction on how to fill out the customs form correctly. It's not difficult. :)


About the founder:

I'm Maximilian Petz, born in 1998 and raised in Ehrwald, Tyrol. During my time at Musikgymnasium Innsbruck, an upper secondary focussing on education in music, I wanted a new golden suface on my mouthpiece, because the old one dropped of and the raw brass was showing. I spoke to a trombone colleague from my hometown wind band about that issue, who is also a coating-physician. After some discussion about the wanted properties of a good surface we decided to give "Artificial Diamond" a try. Practice sessions showed that this is an incredible innovation. Some months later I got to speak with Dany Bonvin (Munich Phil.) about the black mouthpiece and let him feel the coating. He was instantly excited about my product and wanted to try a "black mouthpiece" too. I thought, when Usain Bolt wants a running-shoe from you, you shouldn‘t hesitate to produce one of him and the same goes for Dany Bonvin. I founded the company Diamond Brass, in order to serve all those people, who want the opportunity to play on an innovative diamond-coated surface.

My actual job is making music as a basstrombonist, organist and music writer for my ensemble "Austrian Brass Consort". Currently I am playing at the Nuermberg State Opera and studying master at Hochschule für Musik und Theater München with Prof. Quirin Willert and Prof. Benjamin Appel. (both Munich Philharmonic)

But what I really enjoy is getting to know other musicians like you and seeing how Diamond Brass excellerates progress, motivation and joy in playing.

I'm very open to your suggestions, or be it just a typical brass discussion about instrument, mouthpiece and literature.
I'm looking forward to your message!


If you want to send your mouthpiece, leave me a message. I would be happy to know about your order. Feel free to ask about our product, about shipping or anything you want to know! 


Our privacy policy applies.

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