Diamond BRASS ®

The Diamond-Coating for your mouthpiece

100% anti-bacterial | 100% bio-compatible | 100% artificial diamond
No more metal smell and taste | Heat insulating
Anti-fever blisters and no more allergic reactions 
Even corona virus has no chance to survive on Diamond Brass 

A new surface on your familiar mouthpiece

How to get my mouthpiece diamontized?

1st step:  Send your mouthpiece to us

 => Please prepare and pack your mouthpiece for a safe transport.
             => Add a sheet with your E-Mail and your Adress for shipping back on it.

Maximilian Petz
Diamond Brass
Sankt Anna Weg 13
A-6632 Ehrwald
Austria | Europe

=> Please send your mouthpiece as a registered package.
=> Send us a small E-Mail (click here) as a notification that a mouthpiece is coming from you. Please also tell us the tracking number. So we know when the package will arrive.

2nd step: Payment

 When your mouthpiece arrived in our office you will get an email notification from us within all informations about your coating process. 

The invoice is also attached. 
We ask you to transfer the amount as soon as possible.
Only then will your mouthpiece be sent back to you. 
Payment via E-Banking or PayPal possible.

Bank details:

R a i f f e i s e n b a n k    E h r w a l d  -  L e r m o o s  -  B i b e r w i e r
B I C :       R Z T I A T 2 2 2 1 9
I B A N :   A T 7 2    3 6 2 1    9 0 0 0    0 0 0 3    7 9 2 9

3rd Step: Wait

We are coating monthly.
You can find the next coating date in our main-page.
After that date your diamontizex mouthpiece returns in about 2-4 weeks.

If you still have further questions

We are happy about your message - Don't hesitate to ask!